“X-Force is your source for technical talent.”

Our team is standing by to deliver immediate results.

Recruiting Services for Employers


As a stop-gap solution, we will provide you with a consultant who is an X-Force employee. We take care of all the payroll costs and only charge an hourly bill rate.


A contract-to-hire solution is a great option that allows your company to test a person’s abilities before you commit to bringing them on as a full-time employee.

Direct Hire

The direct hire model allows us to find an ideal candidate for you who will be your full-time employee from day one. X-Force charges a flat fee for this service.

Retained Services

A full-time experienced technical recruiter will support your recruiting needs. We will pipeline, screen, and submit quality candidates. We charge a flat weekly fee for this service based on the number of hours needed.

Hire the Best

Available Talent

  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer/Designer
  • Visual System/Database Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Cyber Security
  • Program Manager
  • Capture Manager
  • Business Development
  • Instructional Systems Designer
  • 3-D Artist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Instructor Pilot
  • Courseware Programmer
  • System Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Simulator Technician


Our expertise allows us to executive projects with efficiency and produce timely results.



We hold extensive knowledge in industries ranging from Technology to Engineering.



We are there every step of the way throughout the recruiting and hiring process.


Why We Succeed:

  • Subject matter experts.
  • Extensive network in the industry.
  • Hands-on experience.
  • An agile approach to business.
  • Employee-focused.
  • Handshake-driven business model.
  • Rich knowledge of industry talent technologies.
  • Veteran-centric organization.


We provide a truly consultative approach to our customers.


We hold in-depth knowledge of the technology industry.


We have advanced expertise in various areas of business.


We understand the importance of a cultural fit for a company.


Our strong communication skills allow us to effectively build relationships with clients and candidates.


We have solid connections with leading organizations in our industry.


We have an agile and tight-knit team at X-Force.


As one of our core beliefs, we focus on integrity over profit.

Why choose us?

The top reasons

  • Our customers benefit from our knowledge.
  • We do not need to re-screen our candidates.
  • We provide innovative solutions to get the job done.
  • We streamline the process.
  • We know how to follow up and keep candidates interested.
  • We find people open to new opportunities not on job boards.
  • We get a quicker response time.
  • Our clients trust us.
X-Force services

X-Force is your source for technical talent. We’re a niche company that supports our clients throughout the world, leveraging a wealth of innovative recruiting strategies to present only the top available talent tailored for your company. Whether you are looking for a short-term or permanent employee, our team is standing by to deliver immediate results. X-Force strives to be a sophisticated, reliable, and trusted consultant. We value integrity over profit, make the hiring process simple, find the top talent, and deliver results at a lower cost than competitors.

Our company’s success stems from our technical and business experience, as well as a full understanding of executive leadership and high-level candidate requirements. With high expectations, X-Force is about leading a team of recruiters and ensuring that only the top candidates are placed in front of our clients. Our passion for finding the best candidates for positions strengthens our business relationships while being a catalyst to growth for our company.

X-Force has extensive knowledge of the simulation, aviation, and defense industries. We understand weapons, logistics, and systems, as well as training devices, components, and proposals. Having a sound understanding of technology combined with business expertise, we have become a trusted partner to hundreds of companies across the nation, who all value our support and expertise. We are your source for the top technical talent and “The Force Multiplier You Are Searching For!”


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris continues to exceed clients’ expectations by placing subject matter experts in the most critical roles. As an innovator, Chris realized the simulation and gaming industry have technology and employees’ skill-set commonalities. He tapped into the gaming industry, expanded into a new market, and now provides talent to leading gaming companies.

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