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With extensive experience in industries like simulation, defense, aviation, and engineering, as well as thorough knowledge of weapons systems, logistics, training devices, and technological components, X-Force is the recruitment firm to turn to when you need qualified, highly-specialized talent for your organization’s most important roles. Our company’s success stems from our technical and business expertise as well as a full understanding of executive leadership and high-level candidate requirements.

Our seasoned recruitment team aims to be your trusted consultant. Your subject matter expert. Your force multiplier. Submit your request for talent or get in touch with us today.

Recruiting and Consulting Solutions

Leverage our employees on a contract basis to access specialized skillsets and bolster your existing workforce. We take care of all payroll costs and only charge an hourly bill rate.

“Test drive” one of our employees, evaluating them onsite for work ethic, skills, and cultural fit, before committing to bringing them on as a full-time employee. 

Direct Hire
We’ll source and screen the ideal candidates for your company’s full-time roles. You’ll pay a flat fee and get access to vetted, highly-specialized professionals who can make an immediate impact on your organization’s success.
Retained Services
Pay a flat weekly fee based on the number of hours needed, and you get a full-time experienced technical recruiter to support all your recruiting needs.

Open avenues for new business and expand your company’s opportunities in government contracting. We’ll facilitate connections between your organization and others for beneficial teaming arrangements. X-Force is well-versed in our target industries and our combination of technical and business experience is what sets our services apart from the competition.

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